Who Would Buy That $310,000 Diamond Bracelet

With Fall in the air and Christmas creeping up on us, Evolution Marketing and Development Inc., has officially launched their exclusive jewelry web site, a-diamond-in-jewelry.com that has also been seen advertising pieces on the well known Robb Report web site.The web site is exclusive, due to the nature of jewelry offered, including a 32ct star sapphire, one of only a handful in the world, listed at a cool $400,000. If this is too rich for your blood, perhaps a simple sapphire and diamond bracelet will work for you, listed at $94,000. The least expensive item we could find on their web site was gorgeous pair of ruby and diamond earrings, listed at a low $2,575.Michael Iwasaki, president of Evolution Marketing and Development says “We do not actually offer purchasing online for two reasons. Not many people have a credit limit that would allow them to make that kind of purchase and typically, an interested buyer will tend to fly in on their own to look at the piece”.So who would typically buy beacon loans these types of pieces? Iwasaki says, “Although names are kept in strictest confidentiality, a typical purchaser would be an owner of a large established international business, actors and actresses, professional athletes, and alike. We respect their privacy, and we offer great product and service.”
About A Diamond In Jewelry
A Diamond In Jewelry is an exclusive jewelry retailer that has been selling exclusive jewelry since 2003. A Diamond In Jewelry specializes in high end estate pieces, including rare stones, and one of a kind pieces.

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